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25 August 2012 @ 09:23 pm
Neko-kun Page 4 (Final)  
Title: Neko-kun Part 4 (final)
Author: hazel2883
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru X OC 
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy


Yuuki felt her own heart beating abnormally as she tried her best to open the door of her bed room. It's almost 10am and Hikaru didn't even bother to wake up his master like usual. By this, Yuuki just wondered what had happened to her precious pet and reminisced the happening yesterday. Is it possible that he's still angry about that?

It's a fact that Yuuki had said some painful words that she never intend to say. But just imagining herself apologising to her pet is somehow hard for her. 
She then clicked her door open hoping that she won't see Hikaru yet. She's not ready to feel the awkwardness between them. Indeed she knows, awkwardness will come their way.

To her relief, Hikaru is not in sight. She looked around outside her door and her peripheral view suddenly landed on the bottom of her foot. Yuuki saw a bouquet of flowers near her foot with a card attached on it. She was about to pick it up but the sudden appearance of Hikaru surprised her.

"It's from Yabu-san" Hikaru said silently but with a monotonous tone. Yuuki just looked at him blankly and picked up the flowers to verify his statement. 
Indeed, it was from Yabu. She opened the card and saw Yabu's penmanship embedded on the surface.

"I regret rejecting you... When I saw you the other day, I just can't forget about your smile... Are you free this Sunday?" the note said which made Yuuki's eyes widen. For some reason, she felt her own heart clutching and rolling inside her - enough to make her quite nervous.

"congratulations..." Hikaru's voice was heard. He was smiling faintly but you can sense that something is indeed wrong. It seems like Hikaru already read the card before Yuuki did to verify the sender... "Yabu-san called earlier to ask if you received it and I said yes... I also said you're going to the date..." he continued - Yuuki frowning as he speaks.

"W-Why would you do that?" Yuuki said, trying to control her sudden anger. She knows for a fact that she will never agree to go on a date for the reason being she's in love with someone else - her own cat. Yet, knowing that Hikaru decided that she'll go without her consent made Yuuki quite furious... "Did I say decide for me?" she replied almost shouting.

"Are you angry Yuuki-chan? I'm here to make you happy... You like him right?"

"But I didn't say you decide for me!! I don't need you to do that!!" Yuuki said while trying to prove her point... "can't I... Can't I..." she continued to utter her thoughts but something suddenly hindered her to do so. She was about to tell Hikaru that she loves him. Yet, her courage went down to zero as soon as she remembered that it will never happen... Hikaru is her pet... nothing else.

"What is it?" Hikaru asked, hoping that his master will finish her sentence.

"Forget it... I'll go to the date as you wish..." she replied then banged the door from her bedroom. She took a deep breath and felt a small tear rolling down her cheek.

"Can't I love you instead?" Yuuki whispered to herself and her eyes landed on the bouquet of flowers - thinking how cruel fate is making her love a mere cat... A cat that turned into a human.


A few hours later, Yuuki managed to lock herself inside her room and even think about things. She dried her hair from the shower and just sighed heavily thinking about Hikaru. 

She finally let herself outside the room and looked for Hikaru's presence. She was thinking to apologise to the boy but no sign of him was found within the compound. For a reason, she felt herself sweating and her heart beat started rebelling in her chest. Indeed, she's worried... 
Yuuki's sudden gaze landed on Hikaru's cat pillow and it's not long when a sudden thought hit her... "What if... What if he turned back into a cat?" she thought to herself, her knees starting to weaken. 

Immediately, she went up to the door and tried his best to find Hikaru. She tried looking through all the places she'd been with Hikaru but no sign of the boy was seen. This made Yuuki more restless than ever. She felt her own fist clenching as he cannot forgive herself for saying those words to Hikaru. The sound of her rebelling heart beat is enough to make her sweat rapidly with her running, hoping to find him...

It's nearly 6pm and no sign of Hikaru was found. Yuuki felt herself sighing for the nth time, fighting the urge to scream for help. She felt droplets of sweat running down her face that made her slump down to the grass to take a few moments of rest. Yuuki then hugged her knees and suddenly, silver tears ran down her plump cheeks.
She never intend to cry but having to accept that Hikaru is indeed gone due to her own fault and mistakes, is quite painful for her to absorb.

It's not long when a caressing contact was felt near her feet. She looked down and saw a brown coloured cat in front of her. The cat nuzzled near Yuuki and rubbed its body on Yuuki's jeans which was enough for her to gain familiarity of the feline.

Yuuki blinked twice trying to process this. This cat looks exactly like Hikaru - EXACTLY LIKE HIM. After realising this, more tears went down Yuuki's eyes... she hugged the cat and sobbed like a little baby in its presence like she used to.

"H-Hikaru..." she sobbed, breaking on every word she was saying... "W-Why d-did you turn back being my cat?" she continued before hearing the cat she was holding purr at her. This was enough to make Yuuki break and cried a bit more.

A few moments later, she felt the car moving viciously until it was freed from Yuuki's capture. Within a flash, she saw the cat being shooed by a man near her. Yuuki looked up and squinted her eyes to clearly see the complexion of the man but the tears on her eyes were not helpful for her.

"I only went for a few hours and now you're hugging another cat?!" Yuuki heard a familiar voice that made her stand up to confirm her sense of hearing. To her surprise, Hikaru's frowning expression was seen - like he was being betrayed.

"Y-You!" Yuuki uttered, not really having the right mind to speak up properly.

"Gomen boss~ I kinda lost my way... I was hungry so I bought some milk and canned fish by myself... Am I the coolest cat or what?!" Hikaru grinned and just showed Yuuki a white plastic bag to prove that he was indeed out.

Hearing this, Yuuki just kept quiet and went frozen on her place. Who could blame her? She was worried for nothing... 
She had all these weird thoughts about Hikaru and just realised how much she loved her.

"Yuuki-chan?" Hikaru took a step forward after seeing the frozen girl in front of him. He then gave off a worried face as soon as he saw tears on Yuuki's cheeks... "W-Why are you crying?" he continued while wiping the surface of her cheeks with the back of his palm.

Without further ado, Yuuki then pulled Hikaru's ear as hard as she can that made him cry painfully... "ITAIIIII!!"

"it's all your fault Baka! Do you know how worried I was? DO YOU KNOW? HUH? I thought you went back being a cat... I thought you got hit by a bus or something... I thought you left me!!!" Yuuki shouted, still grasping Hikaru's ear in the process - not letting him to get away. 

Feeling that his ear will be cut off any moment now, Hikaru just felt the urge to hug Yuuki as tight as he can - not bearing her tears she was giving. Indeed, she can't bear seeing this girl cry. 

"I regret knowing that those precious tears are for me. Sorry for making you worry..." he said while caressing Yuuki's head near her shoulder. He can still feel that Yuuki is crying which made his hug tighter - it willing to let her go.

"Just promise me that you won't leave me..." Yuuki cried faintly... "I- I love you..."

Hikaru pulled off a smile after heating these words. He then released Yuuki from his capture to see her full complexion. He then kissed her forehead and whispered to her ear... "I will never leave you... even if the most beautiful feline seduce me right now, I'll stay by your side as long as you need me..." he chuckled as he continued to wipe Yuuki's tears.

"BAKA! I will forever need you..." she pulled Hikaru closer and tiptoed to reach the taller man's lips. Within seconds, they felt their lips in contact which made Hikaru kiss back.

"That's how you kiss my beloved Neko-kun... You're learning well..." Yuuki smirked and held Hikaru's hand - hoping that it's the hand she will old for the rest of her life.

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THANKS FOR THE SWEETTT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hazel_2883hazel2883 on August 28th, 2012 10:06 am (UTC)

*gives tissue to wipe your sweat nee-chan*
Lena ~len_yamada on September 5th, 2012 02:26 am (UTC)
it was supaCUTE!!! Cute, sweet and fluff *___*
I love it <3
I even love u <3 x)
thanks for this story;)
hazel_2883hazel2883 on September 7th, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
thank u thank u thank u for reading!! *HUGS*
So glad you liked it.........