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25 August 2012 @ 09:31 pm
My Boyish Fiance Part 4  
Title: My Boyish Fiancé Part 4
Pairing: Inoo Kei X Orihara Kim
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Teaser: Once upon a time, there was a perfect prince... and the princess? t-shirt, trousers with trainers!


Kei heard the sound of the doorbell tingling inside his ears which gave him the urge to open the door. He sighed heavily before actually clicking the door open as the image of Kim and Keito’s date flashed before his mind. By this, he tried his best to act natural to welcome the person outside his door.

Within seconds, he opened the door and revealed three familiar figures before his sight – Ryosuke smiling upfront, Rio who’s presenting a massive box of cake and Kim who’s basically letting herself in without Kei’s permission. However, before letting the three enter their door, Kei playfully slammed the door on their faces giving the impression that he’s not accepting any visitors for now.

“Hey!!! Open the door Inoo-kun! We got some cake for you…” Rio banged the door continually to persuade the boy to let them enter. Slowly, the wooded door cracked open revealing Kei’s annoyed expression.

“Only the cake can enter…” he demanded.

“I just want you to tell me why you stormed out a while ago in the cinema!” Kim asked rapidly, while pushing the door open. Yet, Kei’s unexpected strength was given, making the trio unable to enter the house.

“Why do you care anyway? Okamoto is good enough… Congratulations for being officially girly” Kei replied sarcastically, still trying his best to push the door closed. By this time, they’re all pushing on one particular door – three people trying to get in… and one person preventing them to do so.

“You really think being girly is simple? Try it yourself…”

“Yes – I think is waaaay simple… I bet my math problems are more difficult”

“Hey!!! Being a girl isn’t easy Kei-chan!” Rio protested, trying her utmost best to protect her fidelity for being a woman.

“I’m sorry but… I agree with Inoo-chan~ being a girl is definitely a piece of cake” Ryosuke spoke next which earned a massive glare between Kim and Rio. Seriously, these people knows how to argue using pointless stuff. By this time, Kei decided to open the door for them and allowed the trio to enter. He was expecting the argument to end but to his dismay, Rio and Kim challenged the two boys.

“You really think it’s easy? Then let’s fight for it!” Kim cutely grinded her teeth along with Rio who’s now cheering on the side lines with the aim of protecting the rights of women. Yet, Ryosuke and Kei just frowned not knowing that these girls are indeed serious.


“Yes! Let’s have a contest… If you guys win, we’ll accept that being a girl is a pain on the back side…” Rio started, giving off a sense of challenge in the atmosphere. This deal doesn’t sound so bad when it started… however, Rio’s grin was enough to make the two boys quite nervous… “But if we win, you need to dress up like girls and do a cat walk…” she continued which earned continuous rejection about the idea by the two boys standing upfront.

“Oh come on… Are you boys scared you’ll lose?” Kim interjected.

“Hah! As if we’ll lose to a bunch of girls…” Kei responded to counter Kim’s statement. By this time, you can imagine electricity flowing in their eyes as if ready to toast one another (yes! Just like in Animes). Ryosuke held Inoo’s sleeve clearly helpless about the idea.

“Then let’s do it!!” Rio said enthusiastically, having in mind what Ryosuke will look like wearing a dress.

“Wait wait wait~ We need to change the terms... We want something in our advantage too!” It was Ryosuke who now spoke with confidence. After seeing Rio speak, an immediate thought hit his head like a thunder bolt – giving himself a chance to get unto Rio.

So here’s the deal…

“If you girls win, me and Inoo-kun will dress up like ladies… but if you lose…” Ryosuke gave the other three people time to process what he's is thinking. But then, he spoke… “If you lose… Rio-chan should go on a date with me…”


Kim and Kei blinked twice before raising an eyebrow on Yamada. They turned their gaze on Rio who’s still having a hard time digesting what the boy just said. By now, no one even dared to speak except for Kim who knows all Rio’s secret.

“Yama-chan… you know Rio will go out with you no matter what. You don’t have to –“ Kim’s sentence fell flat when Rio suddenly covered her mouth. She struggled for a while but just have no choice but to nod in affirmation towards the said ‘deal’.

“So I have to date the idiot too?” Kei said referring Kim.

“Of course… it’s part of the deal” Ryosuke said grinning with the aim of winning this deal no matter what… “What are we playing anyways?”


Only a few minutes had passed and the four people found themselves staring a single chess board – giving it staggering looks like a real criminal. What made them choose chess? The author doesn’t know the reason either.

“Rio-chan… Are you sure about this?” Kim whispered to Rio before hearing a soft gulp coming from the girl. By this time, they had decided that Rio will play against Kei who knows basically all the stuff known by human kind. He’s a genius after all.

Kim knows that Rio’s not confident about this game. She’s well informed about the rules of the game but plays it just for fun. Yet, with the determination to make the two boys wear ladies’ clothing, she nodded strongly and took a seat opposite Kei.

“Let’s start this and ready your feet with some high heels!” Rio chuckled nervously as she challenged her own senpai…

“Okay then… let’s start this and be ready to be our girlfriends…” Kei said out of impulse – not clearly thinking what he just said. By this, the two girls raised an eyebrow, clearly doubting Kei’s excitement over this ‘bet’. Yes! Awkwardness came after… Ryosuke then tried his best to save the situation by whispering reassuring words for Kei… and so he thought.

“Inoo-kun… Congratulations for confessing” Ryosuke whispered which is helpful to make a tint of blush touch the older man’s face.

“Anyway… let’s do this…” Kim suggested, obvious that she’s also wondering about what Kei just said. She then cheered for Rio who’s basically fighting for their honour while watching Ryosuke cheering Kei on. It’s indeed battle of the sexes.


*2 hours later*

“Check mate!!!” Kim and Ryosuke heard someone say…

“I WON!!!” Rio smiled happily and looked down at the loser. She still can’t believe how she managed to win over someone like Inoo. This must be luck indeed. “Inoo-chan… ready to wear some make up?” she continued grinning and gave off a ‘high five’ to her nee-chan while Ryosuke sighed in depression, imagining himself being embarrassed in front of the girl he likes. Kei did the same and just frowned at the idea… they’re gonna wear dresses for pete’s sake!

The next thing they know is that Kei and Ryosuke were being dragged to Rio’s house and within seconds made a proper fool out of themselves with frilly dresses and accessories – Kim dressing Kei up while Rio enjoying putting the hairband on Ryosuke hair. This is just the best day for the two girls.

Kei pulled himself out of the bathroom with a blue coloured sailor uniform which completely blended on his skin pattern. He then put on the long haired wig from the wardrobe and with all courage, he showed himself to his friends which made them shock in amazement.

“Woahh~ Kei… you’re so pretty!” Kim oozed in admiration while clapping her own hands.

Next came Ryosuke who wore a pink frilly dress which definitely suited him perfectly. The pink coloured garment is enough to make Rio astonished by the scene. Heck! These guys are even prettier than them. Both guys tiptoed in embarrassment (high heels on), ready to strangle the two girls.

Without further hesitation, Kim pulled their camera and positioned her arms towards the two boys. Yet, Kei frowned which gave the impression that he is indeed against the ‘picture taking’ idea.

“Smile now missy… it’s part of the bet remember?” Kim chuckled and now clicked the camera, capturing the smiling Kei Inoo on the surface of the camera screen. Next came Ryosuke who’s now being tortured by Rio by capturing all his angles – from the face down to his knees.

                           0003183p     0003378s

“Can we take it off now?” the two boys said in perfect sync. But to their dismay, the two guys didn’t have enough fun for themselves.

“Nope… You definitely need to do some cat walks!”


*Few hours later*

Kei flopped himself over the sofa and felt his own feet thumping in pain… “I take it back… being a girl is definitely NOT easy” he said to himself and just felt his eyes voluntarily closing in exhaustion. He let his eyes rest for a while and pretended to be asleep, without even realising Kim’s figure approaching him.


Kim walked slowly towards Kei’s sleeping figure and sat down near his head. She looked down and saw Kei’s feminine complexion but soon melted her heart by just staring at it. How can be a man this perfect?

Within a flash, she fought the urge in shortening the distance between their faces. Kim then swiftly left a soft peck of kiss on Kei’s forehead, trying her best not to wake him up.

“You have no idea how annoying you are for not stopping me doing this…” she whispered ever so silently, not knowing that Kei is awake.

She was about to lecture Kei’s sleeping figure further but a soft vibration on her skirt pocket made her pick it up. She moved away from Kei and softly answered her phone. To her surprise, it was a call from someone unexpected.


“Moshi moshi?”

“Hello? Kim-chan? It’s Keito… I need to apologize about last time…” Kim heard Keito’s voice over the other end of the line and listened to it attentively… “I was just wondering if I can still ask you out… hmm… to make up for last time? Maybe?”

By this, Kim took time to process what the boy is saying. It is a fact that she has a crush with Keito for a long time… but something inside her made her feel restless. She glanced at Kei’s figure once again and just doubly said ‘yes’ over the phone…

“Of course… Let’s go out again sometime…” she said silently, but feeling something painful on her own chest. She then hang up the phone and gave off a deep sigh.


“Congrats~ You have yourself a date… The engagement will be off in no time at this rate ne?” Kei’s voice came out of nowhere which made Kim jump slightly. She turned her head towards his voice and found Kei smiling weakly at her presence. Subtleness of his eyes somehow gave off his sad emotions. He then stood up and left Kim speechless on her spot…


“Kei Inoo… I hate you for being this slow…”

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