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31 March 2013 @ 11:42 pm
Evil Twin Page 3 (Final)  
Title: Evil Twin Page 3 (Final)
Author: hazel2883
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke X OC
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Teaser: You will never know when evil strikes again… but once he does, a small percentage will make you… errrrmmm… FALL IN LOVE?


A/N: This was requested by my nee-chan matsujun19 ... after 2137928 years!!!!!! I UPDATED! hohoho~ Please excuse all my mistakesssss! 84193281234924294782931482349 mistakes aheaaad! <3 <3 <3


*Yamada Rio's POV*

It’s been a few weeks since I started my ‘love lessons’ from my sensei Yamada Ryosuke. I will NEVER EVER believe I actually survived his evil schemes. He made me sing, dance and even practice the hula-hoop and never really perfected any one of them. I don’t even know why he’s helping me to make Ainosuke “fall” for me.

Yes! I’m still pretending I love his brother. Which I don’t! Ainosuke is just like an older brother to me and there’s no way I can be romantically involved with that idiot. Yet, somehow, Ryosuke is different… sometimes in a BAD way but I actually manage to make him smile at me pretty much ONCE a day. He’s still a JERK!

Today is Saturday. It’s my BREAK from that all of those “LOVE LESSONS” Ryosuke is giving me. I stretched on my bed and saw the lovely sunshine bouncing outside my window. I decided to lie in a little bit longer but without even a minute to spare, my phone rang. My ringtone rebelled against my ears, making me answer my mobile without even looking who the caller was.

“Moshi moshi…” I said with a sleepy voice. It’s 8am in the morning. What do you expect? I’m still half asleep!

“Where are you? You’re late! We have lessons today!” I heard Ryosuke complaining through the phone. I heard him tapping his fingers on his side, making me annoyed even more.

“For your information sensei, it’s Saturday! Give me a BREAK WILL YAAAAHH??!”

“So if you’re dating my brother, you’ll make WEEKENDS as an excuse? Get your butt in here and bring some strawberries!” He nearly shouted which was enough to make me stand up from my bed to obey my best friend’s EVIL TWIN. I don’t even know why I’m obeying him. I’m not getting paid but my body seems to be moving towards his voice… “Be here in half an hour…”


I pulled myself up and patted both of my cheeks to wake my senses. I just know this would be one hell of a day and I need to be energised to face that STRAWBERRY LOVING FREAK. I quickly took a shower and got ready… within 30 min, I went to start my lesson.

*Saturday – 9am*

“You’re late…” Ryosuke welcomed me with a frown. He’s still on his pyjamas but HECK! He’s cute… I mean, he’s… okay! He looks paler than before but I decided to ignore this just because… HE DISTURBED MY SATURDAY MORNING!

I then let myself in but the latter hindered me in doing so. Without further ado, he let out his hand as if asking for something as a treat. I immediately handed him the box of strawberries which was enough to make him smile weakly.

“You ichigo freak!” I whispered but I’m sure he heard since he let off a ‘tsk’. He’s usually gonna argue back but this time, he just remained quiet and led me to the kitchen. He let off a few cough as I watched him handing me some kitchen utensils and pointed at the pile of vegetables laid on the table… By this, I know, he’s gonna make me do something craaaaazy!

“Peel and chop all the veggies. My brother likes a girl who can cook… I’ll teach you cooking today!” he smirked and sat down to the nearest chair as if assessing me on my peeling and chopping skills. He coughed again while I looked blankly at the knife on my hand then down to the vegetables and back again. I just wish I can slice the boy in half instead. MWAHAHAHAHA~

“What are we gonna cook with all these vegetables! I’m only gonna feed Ainosuke!”

“Stop complaining and start chopping!” he patted one of my shoulders and made me sit down near the pile of vegetables near me. He then started munching his strawberries I bought, making me almost reach my limit. To be honest, I CAN’T COOK! I can’t even peel anything properly… but I will not lose to this guy.
I started peeling some carrots and tried my best to NOT torture the poor food. I slowly peeled the outer skin but I noticed the boy coming towards me. He leaned down my seat and whispered silently… “Do you want to cut yourself?”

I felt a current travelling up my spine. His warm breath kissed my cheek making a hot sensation coming through. He’s just HOT! No no no… not that kind of hot, somehow, I feel his temperature warmer than mine. He then sat down right next to me and started peeling perfectly (I have no idea how you peel perfectly but HE JUST DID!) after coughing hard on a piece of tissue.

“Are you okay? Are you sick?”

“No… Just mind your own business” he coldly said, making me frown and not even bother about his own well being.


Only a few minutes had passed and let’s just say he basically did all of it. Okay, by now, I’m just watching him and pretending to do something. He explained to me everything even the proper way to know if the meat is cooked on the inside. Ryosuke made me put all the ingredients together one by one… we’re making a curry-like dish with lots of veggies in it.

“It smells GREAAAAT! I never thought I can cook something like this… I can only make porridge at home” I proudly said as I started stirring the food inside the pot. I then saw him roll his eyes as if saying ‘whatever-you-good-for-nothing-girl’. There’s definitely something wrong with him! Usually he will oppose everything I say but now, he barely talked to me. By this, I frowned at him and thoughtlessly lifted up the wooden spoon I used to mix the food. I then tried to taste our masterpiece when…

“OUCHHHHHHH! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!” I repeatedly said while fanning my mouth using my hand, making him even panic. He then pulled me over the sink and made me put cold water on my lips. I continually splashed and examined it using my tongue.

“I think it’s okay now…” I managed to say while dabbing my lips with some ice. To my surprise, he pulled me closer – too close in fact, our noses were touching. I prevented myself on breathing as his warm breath penetrated my skin. What the heck is he doing?

“Don’t scare me like that…” he whispered and rested his forehead on mine. I saw him closed his eyes as the warmness of his skin touched my forehead. THIS GUY OBVIOUSLY HAS THE TEMPERATURE!

I immediately made him sit on a chair and quickly examined him again. Indeed, he has a really really high fever… “You idiot! You’re sick… and you’re hiding it from me the whole time?!” I saw him smile weakly at me before whispering.

“Sorry I ruined your Saturday. My brother is not here… I just want someone to take care of me so I made an excuse for you to come” he uttered between his breaths. After hearing this, I quickly guided him on his bed and started burying him under a pile of blankets.


“Are you still cold?”

“No… I’m fine. Just stay here” Ryosuke closed his eyes while grabbing my hand. This is the first time I’ve seen him this vulnerable… and… HE’S WEIRD WHEN SICK! He’s quite sweet when sick, in fact.

Okay, there’s no time to flail. I immediately pulled my hand back and made everything ready. I put a wet cloth on his forehead to help for the temperature and made sure he wasn’t cold. I then took the initiative to cook! YES! I AM GONNA COOK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

I pulled one of the pans and placed one cup of oat meal, water and milk… AND THERE. PORRIDGE!

I grinned to myself and gone to Ryosuke’s room for his food. I shook him once and saw a perfectly sleeping angel in front of me. Ainosuke may say that he’s his EVIL twin but to me, he’s not too bad. His eye lashes were too long and his complexion perfectly blended on his manly facial feautures.
I leaned forward to see more of this and then…….

“WAKE UP YOU BAKA!!!” I pinched his cheeks, making the poor sick guy wake up.

“What the hell? I’m SICK you know!!”

“Here! Eat my porridge…” I ignored his complains and handed him the bowl of porridge I just made literally a few minutes ago. However, as stubborn as he is, he just turned around and continued his slumber.

“I won’t eat that ‘THING’…”

“Just try!”



“Not until you feed me…” he said out of the blue which made me raise one of my brows.


“Feed me…” he suddenly sat up from his bed and stared blankly at me…

“No way!”

“Then I won’t eat!” he threatened… “I’m sick! You need to take care of me…”

I was about to strangle him but you know, I don’t hurt people with MENTAL PROBLEMS!! I frowned at his state before placing a mouthful of porridge in his mouth. He smiled weakly after having another mouthful and wasn’t long when he finished the whole thing.

“Okay~ now I can sleep… Thanks” he said quickly then buried himself into his bed once again.

“Wait. That’s it?? You didn’t even compliment my precious cooking…” I sounded betrayed while staring at his ‘fake-sleeping’ figure. I let out a deep sigh and was about to go when Ryosuke suddenly pulled me down and kissed my forehead.


“Thanks for that horrible tasting PORRIDGE” he smirked and went down to his slumber once again. I couldn’t help but to smile at his gesture. I took a chair near his bed and watched the evil one fall asleep. It wasn’t long when I felt my eye lids getting heavy as well, making me rest my head on his bed – half of my body sitting down the chair.


Ryosuke slowly opened his eyes and saw Rio sleeping soundly near him. He weakly smiled at her figure and caressed her right cheek by gently touching it using his thumb. Ryosuke then sat down and just watched her breathe in and out before leaning forward and whispering to her ear…

“Thanks for being with me today…” He sighed and kissed Rio’s eye lids ever so gently – trying his best to avoid her waking up… “I like you. Too bad you’re in love with my brother… Don’t worry, I’ll do whatever makes you happy”


"You like Rio-chan?" Ryosuke quickly pulled himself up after seeing a familiar figure of Ainosuke outside his room, peeking at what he's doing with Rio. Ryosuke on the other hand, frowned upon seeing his brother .

"It's none of your business if I like her or not..." Ryosuke replied before coughing. He tried his best not to wake the sleeping girl beside her while he was talking to his own brother. Ryosuke then stood up and led Ainosuke away from his room where Rio was sleeping.

"You're a coward. Why don't you just confess to her?"

By hearing this, Ryosuke felt the urge to pull his brother's collar and pin him on the wall... "I said it's none of your business. That girl likes YOU! Don't you dare break her heart nii-chan..."

"You obviously like Rio. I'm your twin brother... You can't hide anything from me. If you don't move fast, someone will take her away and you, my little bro WILL REGRET IT!" Ainosuke threatened and released himself on Ryosuke's capture...

"Make sure you rest..."


*Rio’s POV*

It’s been almost two days when that DEVIL got sick and he’s pretty much okay now. I actually visited him yesterday and he’s back to his normal ways – bullying me. But despite that, guess what… I’m going to their house again for some “Love Lesson” from my sensei Ryosuke.


I saw Ryosuke right in front of their house gate as if waiting for someone. I eyed his figure from a distance and to my surprise, he ran towards me and grabbed my hand towards the door.

“You’re late!!”

“Wait~ you were waiting for me?” I struggled away from his capture and before I knew it, we were already in the kitchen. I saw fresh fruit and vegetables laid perfectly on the table. WAIT! I think I saw this scene before. We’re cooking again?

It was as if he was reading my mind when the man himself spoke… “You’re gonna confess to my brother today and you’re gonna make an obento for him”
I blinked twice after hearing this idiot’s statement. Wait… HUWAAAAAAT? CONFESS?!

“W-What? I-I won’t… I mean… I can’t! I’m not ready yet…” I excused myself with whatever crap comes inside my head. I just can’t confess to Ainosuke. Not because I’m nervous but because… I DON’T LIKE HIM!

I remembered myself restlessly shaking in front of Ryosuke (maybe I already look like a person who wanted to pee). He turned around and ignored me before setting out the materials to set out the obento box me wants me to prepare for Ainosuke.

I immediately pulled my phone out and dialled his brother’s phone number in a fast pace.

“Moshi moshi?” I heard him speak over the phone.

“Hey you! You have to save me from your brother…” I whispered to the mouth piece of my mobile – trying my best not to let Ryosuke hear me.


“He told me I’m gonna confess to you soon!!!” I said in panic. You see, Ainosuke knows about everything. He’s my best friend after all. From the plan of acting like I’m in love with him up to the fact that we we’re tricking his brother – ALL…

“Relax, will you? I have anything worked out… I’ll just reject your confession” I heard him say calmly over the line. I’m not sure if this plan is a good idea but as long as I know what to do, I think I’ll be okay…“Just CONFESS to me, okay?” I heard him say. I then took the initiative to press the ‘end’ button and face the innocent Ryosuke once again.


*Yamada Ryosuke’s POV*

*2 hours later*

“Jajaaaaaan~” She clapped her hands a few times after seeing her masterpiece. Well, it is a ‘masterpiece’ for her since I know she never even held a proper knife before. I smiled at her figure looking at the obento. Rio is basically grinning mad in front of the food like a maniac.

“For a beginner, you’re not too bad…” I teased and pinched her nose… “Give this obento to the guy you like…” I continued but a tiny cringe inside my chest was felt as I know it was indeed my brother. It’s been awhile since I felt this way towards a girl.

“HUH? You’re joking right?” I heard her proclaim. I can never blame her. She will confess to my brother in only a matter’s time and I just hope she’ll succeed – or not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her hard work to go to waste… but…


I heard the door bell ring… it must be my big brother. I sighed deeply before looking at Rio-chan once again. She looked nervous yet beautiful at the same time. Before she can even prepare herself more, I opened the door and pulled my brother towards the kitchen…

“W-What’s going on here? Rio-chan?” My brother looked at Rio with a confused expression. I signalled something to Rio for her to start the said confession. I know she’s not ready but… It’s now or never. Only a few seconds had passed and I took the initiative to step outside the kitchen and listen from the sidelines. It was HELL. To watch the girl I like confess to my brother is just torture.


“Anou~ Ainosuke… I-I like you…” I heard Rio utter with a nervous tone. I was quite relieved she did it. But the next thing I heard from my brother somehow made my blood boil. I tried my best to hide behind the door but soon enough, they noticed me eavesdropping.

“hmm… Gomen ne, Rio-chan. I-I just like you as friend…” My brother, NO! That bastard Ainosuke patted Rio’s head as the girl bowed down her head as if ready to cry. It was as if an impulse when I felt myself dashing out from the outside and flew a punch on my brother’s face.

I saw him on the ground… “I told you not to break her heart! YOU IDIOT!!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and then grabbed Rio’s hand towards the door. I didn’t even think properly and I felt myself walking endlessly just to get away from my stupid brother.


“RYO-CHAN!! Where are we going?” Rio woke my chain of thoughts as I heard her complain. I then stopped walking and faced her fully.

“Rio-chan…” I started before taking a deep breath. I don’t know how to comfort a broken hearted girl but I just have to try. One thing I hate most: crying girls… “Don’t think about that rejection too much. My brother is a jerk. He doesn’t know what he gave up” I heard myself say and released her from my capture.

I turned around and sat down the nearest bench. I heard her footsteps coming towards me and soon enough sat down right beside me.

“Here…” I looked up and saw her giving me the obento box we just made earlier. I tilted my head in confusion and frowned at her gesture. This girl is supposed to be sobbing because of her recent rejection but instead, she was smiling at me.

“It’s for you! You told me to give it to the guy I like… right?”


“I-I like you… maybe?” she tried to look away after placing the obento box in between us… “Your brother is just a best friend to me. Hmm~ I lied to you… I’M SORRY!” she turned to my direction once again and clapped her hand once as if begging for forgiveness.

“Y-You what?”

“I j-just wanted to get close to you… and you were just willing to talk to me when I said I like your brother but I don’t. You’re the one I really like. We we’re trying to tame a DEVIL like you but I realised you’re not that bad. I just realised that literally 2 minutes ago. I really really really really regret lying and I…” she said in one single breath. She didn’t even pause but instead, she bowed her head and explained everything to me.

It wasn’t long when I felt myself lifting her chin up and brushed my lips on hers. Time stopped. I felt her kissing back, making my insides turn within an instant.


“Y-You kissed me… the DEVIL kissed me”

“Correction… A HANDSOME DEVIL kissed you!” I said proudly before placing another peck on her forehead. I was about to tease her more when I felt my phone vibrating against my skin through my pocket.



From: Nii-chan

You! Take care of her… I’m so happy you got your match bro.

-          Ainosuke

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