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12 January 2013 @ 12:48 pm
Saw 14: The Mysterious Mastermind  
Title: Saw 14: The Mysterious Mind
Author: hazel2883
Pairing: Hey! Say! Jump X OC
Genre: Romance, Thriller?
Teaser: Do you have the guts to save a life of another human being? A game of brain's wits, physical that brought existing couples to grow stronger. Will you be able to survive... the 14th generation SAW?

A/N: LONG TIME NOOOOOOOO WRITEEEEE!!!! hohohoho~~ :P CRAZY FIC TO START 2013!! YOROSHIKUUUU... hope you like it... >.<


*Yamada Rio’s POV*

“Baka ga?” the constant clattering of the couple in front of me tingled inside my ears. They were somehow ended up arguing about a Math problem and God knows who’s right between them… “This is how you solve it, Sherlock…” I saw Kim-chan write something on the paper but soon enough made Kei nii-chan frown in disagreement. The boy then flicked Kim’s forehead making the girl wince in pain. See, this couple are usually like this. Constant arguing about something trivial is usual with these two.

“You guys really suit each other…” I said out of the blue. Kim-chan and Kei then looked at each other with weird faces.

“She might be my girlfriend but seriously… She can make my blood pressure rise”

I just laughed at their state as I managed to somehow figure out what the other is explaining. They were supposed to be tutoring me but in the end of the day, I became an audience to their cute relationship. Kim-chan was about to point out something more when another couple came to our table.


Fai-chan and Yuya nii-chan came hand in hand with each other. After seeing their figure approaching us, I immediately diverted my attention to their hands. Why? Because it’s somewhat unusual for Fai-chan to agree with the idea of public display of affection (Yuya probably did something for her to agree).

“Ahem~ Fai-chan, did Yuya poisoned you or something? What’s all this lovey dovey scene with matching holding hands?” Kim-chan managed to say with a grin, enough to make the two blush.

“Maa~ it’s a sign of our love…” Yuya said which was enough to make Fai-chan’s eyes roll within a split second. I then saw her pull her hand back and slightly pushed her boyfriend to see what Kim and Kei were doing. I should probably tell you this ladies and gentlemen… Fai-chan is a… TSUNDERE!! Otaku people definitely know this term but if not, GOOGLE IT PEOPLE! XD

Anyway, I diverted my eyes to the older boy who is now pouting in his place – feeling betrayed. He sneakily went behind Fai-chan once again and slowly pulled her hand back like they’re meant to be stuck together forever. By this, I just gave off a soft giggle upon seeing Yuya’s cute actions.

It wasn’t long when the rest of the group joined us in the table. I should probably tell you, we’re currently in the library… CORRECTION – we’re in the most isolated part of the library where no one can hear us. Old and dirty books are stored in here which is a best place to do silly things with friends.

I can now see Yabu-kun, Hanna-chan, Dai-chan and Amu-chan slowly walking towards our direction. Yes! More couples on their way to our table.

“Yo!” I heard Dai-chan greeted with a cheerful voice as he grabbed the chair for Amu-chan. What a gentleman right? That’s our cute penguin Daiki Arioka. I then watched Yabu-kun do the same but this time, he grabbed a chair… for HIM. Hanna-chan on the other hand just hit him slightly on the arm and let him suffer from continuous death glares. It’s not surprising though… Yabu-kun and Hanna-chan are not a couple… YET. *smirk*

“You guys should just date…” Amu-chan stated smartly, making all the people in the table cheer and whistle to the statement. On the other hand, Yabu-kun just shook his head while Hanna try to cover Amu’s mouth to stop all the teasing.


I let my mind wandered off for a bit when the all couple in front of me started eyeing towards my peculiarly…

“Hmm… speaking of date, aren’t you supposed to be busy this time of the month Rio?” Kei nii-chan suddenly diverted the conversation topic towards me. I don’t know how it flowed to me but I’m not surprised since Kei-chan is simply… RANDOM. All the people in the table then directed their gaze towards me with nodding heads.


“It’s January 3rd oday… That means 4th omorrow. It’s your monthsary with Ryo-chan deshou?” It was Fai-chan’s turn to speak, making more head nodding from the audience. You see, these people know me so well. Maa~ they know US so well.

I was about to speak when a set of hand suddenly covered by eyes - hands so familiar that I could easily know who they belong to with just a simple touch. He tried to cover my eyes and softly gone over my glasses before feeling his warm breath on my ear.

“Guess who…” he whispered silently, enough to make chills travel up my spine. The smell of strawberries then tingled up my nose which was enough to make me certain on who the person was.

“God of Strawberries?” I joked as I pulled his hands down my face. I then saw his clear complexion perfectly blending on his skin pattern along with his perfect hair travelling around his face. He pouted and placed himself on the seat next to me after giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“You guys are talking about me?” Ryo-chan asked to continue the earlier conversation about the ‘monthsary’ thingy.

“Yeah… Don’t you guys have plans for tomorrow? If not, we could just go to the amusement park. I could ask Yuki-chan to get us some tickets…” Dai-chan suggested. You might be asking who Yuki-chan is. If not, I’ll tell you anyways. :P

Arioka Yuki is Amu Kitagawa’s RIVAL. In short, she’s Daiki Arioka’s sister. To make it simple, she’s a bit protective about his older brother which means she still doesn’t accept Amu-chan in the family. I know I know… it’s not like they’re getting married right? But still… Yuki-chan kinda hates Amu-chan. PERIOD.


“No need Dai-chan~ I have everything planned for tomorrow…” I heard Yama-chan say, breaking my chain of thoughts. He grinned before taking a glance at my direction… “We’ll just have dinner then probably watch SAW the Movie.”

“Saw? That gruesome movie?” Fai-chan said in disgust before seeing Ryo-chan nod in agreement. It was as if the message went through the boys’ mind as I saw them grin in delight.

“It’s okay princess… I’ll protect you anyways~” Yuya chuckled as he pulled Fai-chan closer to him. It wasn’t long when the girl elbowed him in the stomach. Yuya nii-chan is being cheesy today – he’s always like that but it’s a bit too much to Fai’s apprehension.

“So you’ll make Rio scream and cling to you ne? Nice idea bro…” Yabu gave him a ‘high five’ which made all the girls roll their eyes upon this action. Hearing this, I then gave off a sharp glare on the boy sitting next to me. It was indeed a bad idea to let him ‘plan’ the whole monthsary thing tomorrow. I was about to protest when he received a sudden text from someone. Ryo-chan pressed something on his phone and immediately went up on to his feet.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then…” He started. His voice somehow changed with excitement in his tone... “I’ll pick you up… Jia minna~” he continued and waved his good bye quickly to the others. Within a split second, his figure disappeared through the massive book cases surrounding the library.


*Next Day – January 4, 2013*

I managed to check all the doors in my house were locked as I travelled to our front gate. I took a deep breath before smiling at the sunny weather in front of me. We’re in the middle of winter but the unexpected beam of the sun smiled before me. I then took a peek on my watch and waited patiently for my date which is unexpectedly late from the said time. He should be here by now. Knowing Ryo-chan, he’s more excited than I am.

I was about to pull my mobile from my bag when I noticed something on the ground. It’s a very small but beautiful box with engraved writing on its cover. I was drawn by its beauty and decided to pick it up…

But then…


Everything became black…


Ryosuke fixed his polo shirt before heading outside their house. He smiled at the beautiful flowers in his hand which he is ready to give to his date – Yamada Rio. He waved good bye to his mom and headed towards the station when an unexpected call made him stop.

“Moshi Moshi?”

“Yamada Ryosuke… We just started a game…” he heard an unfamiliar voice over the mouth piece. The voice sounded distorted – somewhat changed and altered… “If you want to see your girlfriend alive do everything that I say…”

“Who’s this?” Ryosuke felt his heart skip a beat as the sound of the voice tingled inside his ear. He frowned upon realising this might be a prank from someone who doesn’t have anything to do in his life… “Whoever you are, I don’t have time for this prank of yours!”

“Then this photo might change your mind…” Ryosuke heard the mysterious man over the phone said before feeling his phone vibrate with a photo message. He clicked the ‘open’ button only to see a picture of Rio unconscious with a rope tied in her hands and feet, making Ryosuke lose his senses… “Was that enough to change your mind?”


“If you’re cooperative enough, I’ll let you see her…” the man chuckled as if enjoying Yamada’s torture.

“What do I have to do? JUST TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!” Ryosuke shouted over his phone – enough to make most people look at his direction. By this, he tried his best to hide somewhere with less people in site. He felt his own sweat travelling around his body as the thought of his girlfriend went banging inside his head.

“All you have to do is…………”


Ryosuke felt a striking pain in his head which soon enough made him lose his consciousness.


*January 4, 2013 – 11 am*

“Ryo-chan!! WAKE UP!!” Ryosuke opened his eyes slowly before attempting to stand up. He felt a heavy sensation in his head which made it difficult for him to stand up and examine the state he’s in. He then felt the urge to quickly scan the room for any trace of familiarity but to his dismay, he saw all of his friends around him in a dark hallow room.

“Yama-chan! You’re awake!” Yuki continued to shake Ryosuke slightly.

“WHERE THE HECK ARE WE??!” Yuya spoke next after noticing his foot chained. Not to mention, the other end of the chain is on Fai’s foot. Yuya and Fai tried to free themselves from each other but the tight clutches of the chains are tightening stronger while they struggle.

Kim on the other hand had a similar fate when she felt one of her foot chained to a very heavy ball of metal which is almost impossible to carry... "Who's the freak who did this to me? UGHH!!"

“You guys were captured too? How?” Kei uttered before helping Kim move the heavy metal attached to her.

“Someone called and they sent us a picture of Rio-chan being a captive and the next thing we know we’re here…” Hanna explained while helping Yabu to stand up. It seems like the boy has a weird metal collar attached to his neck which inhibits him to move… “Who’s the sick bastard who thought of this?!!” Yabu angrily pulled the metal collar around his neck but to no avail, the collar just stayed tightly locked.

“Nii-chan~ this is scary…” Ryosuke heard Yuki say before holding the sleeve of her brother’s shirt. Daiki just pulled Yuki closer after making sure that Amu was okay. He then took Amu’s hand while he continued to scan the room. They found themselves trapped inside an unfamiliar room with limited light – the slight glow from the window were just enough to make them see each other… “This is not good. They even included Amu-chan and my little sister in here!”


“R-Rio… Where’s Rio??!!!” after only a few seconds of realisation, Ryosuke took another scan around the room but no sign of the girl was seen. He felt his fist tightening before a mysterious voice came over the speakers of the room.

“Welcome…” the voice started. It was the same voice Ryosuke spoke with on the phone just a few hours ago. Just hearing this voice can make all the people in the room shiver as a sudden cold sensation travelled up their spine… “I want to play a game… and if you still want to see your friend Rio alive, I suggest you comply to MY rules” the voice continued with a chuckle.

“Where’s Rio?” Ryosuke shouted.

“Don’t worry… She’s safe. For now.” The mysterious voice continued to echo inside the room… “As you can see, Fai and Yuya are chained together while Kim is literally carrying a heavy burden. I designed this game and you’ll work as enemies. And this game requires you deciding which players to play AGAINST each other…” the ‘game master’ paused for a awhile before continuing his explanation which a chuckle… “And to make my game extra special, some might risk their lives…”

“Who the heck are you?! STOP THIS STUPID GAME!” Kim protested.

“I don’t have a reason to be known by you… Now, let’s start the first round” the voice spoke and within seconds, a light flicked open which gave enough glow to see two chairs on the spot light. The chairs are attached to some electrical wires… “First round is an IQ game. Two of you will fight against each other and the one who gets the wrong answer gets an electric shock…”

“YOU SICK BASTARD!! DO YOU THINK THIS IS A FREAKIN MOVIE?” Yuya shouted, annoyed with the idea that even his girlfriend is being dragged into this.

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking!” the voice said calmly… “This game is designed to PUNISH…” the ‘game master’ emphasised his aim before the sound of electric current were heard within the place. By this, Yabu pulled Hanna near him whereas Daiki did the same with Yuki and Amu. Kei and Kim exchanged glances while Fai gave off a scared look at Yuya. Ryosuke just looked around and felt the urge to volunteer but the mysterious voice spoke again…


“The ones playing this round are… Kim Orihara and Kei Inoo…”

matsujun19: conan big eyematsujun19 on January 12th, 2013 01:41 pm (UTC)
eeehhh?? maji?????????????????????
matsujun19: conan big eyematsujun19 on January 13th, 2013 11:52 am (UTC)
kick/slam/burn/slice LJ for deleting my comment!!!

nice one AJ!! ano ne, i have a request, would u TORTURE RIO abit more?? and Yamabutachin too~ LOL


a tiny additional request, can i be the villain?? coz i feel like it~

looking forward for the next part!! DONT LEAVE IT HANG IN LIKE EVIL TWIN!!!!!