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13 January 2013 @ 12:45 pm
Saw 14: The Mysterious Mastermind Part 2  
Title: Saw 14: The Mysterious Mind
Author hazel2883
Pairing: Hey! Say Jump OC
Genre: Romance, Thriller?
Teaser: Do you have the guts to save a life of another human being? A game of brain's wits, physical that brought existing couples to grow stronger. Will you be able to survive... the 14th generation SAW?



Kim took a deep breath as she eyed all the wires connecting in her massive chair. Blue, white and red electric wires came out from a machine next to her which she figured out as a fuse box which will surely giveher a painful blow by doing just one wrong move. The massive ball of metal attached in her leg wasn’t helpful enough to make her calm.

“Kim… Listen to me…” she heard Kei spoke near her ear after he managed to help her carry the heavy ball on her foot. Kim just can’t imagine Kei being her opponent in this match. Sure, they argue and fight for ideas but for now, it’s real – they’re fighting for their lives… “Answer all the questions correctly. I won’t say anything sensible in this game…” Kei continued to whisper.

“Are you crazy? That freaky Game Master might be ugly but I’m sure he isn’t joking about the electric shocks!” Kim uttered before seeing Kei move towards the opposite where his chair is located - the same chair that might kill him.

“Just do what I say baka!” Kei instructed and took a glance on the wires hanging out of his own chair. He then landed his gaze to his friends who were only helplessly watching from the side lines.


“I can’t believe this is happening… THIS IS SICK!! How can we watch them like this?!!” Yabu shouted that just added on to the frustrations of everyone. At this time, they all know… they can’t do anything to save them.

“Round One is starting…” a familiar creepy voice then started to speak as a sign of the beginning of the game… “You have 5 seconds to answer this question. Failure to give an answer will cause both consequences…”

&hellip “How many seconds comprises one whole day?”

Everyone remained quiet. The darkness of the room helped in enhancing their nervousness along with the fear of getting electrocuted. Kei looked at Kim with a worried facial gesture then gave her a signal to answer it… “KIM! ANSWER!!” Kei shouted in frustration. Time is running out but Kim decided to stay silent – afraid that Kei would suffer from her getting it right.





The sound of an electric current was soon heard and within split second hit their flesh.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Both of them shouted in agony.

“BAKA! WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THE ANSWER??” Kei shouted across to the girl who’s now shedding some tears.

“I’M NOT THAT STUPID! If I said the answer, YOU would suffer!” Kim shouted back, fighting the urge to show everyone her subtle tears.

“I DON’T CARE!! It’s more painful for me seeing you in pain so FOR GOD’S SAKE ANSWER!” Kei felt the urge to punch someone in the face as the sight of the crying girl appeared before him. It’s true that being electrocuted means giving up his life… but seeing Kim in pain is more painful than death.


What is the capital city of Zimbabwe?

“Iraq…” Kei suddenly said. This time, he doesn’t have a choice but to answer wrongly for Kim to be saved. He smirked before seeing Kim’s eyes widen in disbelief… “I’m still smarter than you Kim-chan~ I will get these shocks whether you like it or not…” all he could do now is chuckle nervously before a strike of electricity hit him once again.


“YOU F*CKING IDIOT!!” Kim cried out of frustration as she couldn’t possibly accept what Kei is doing – protecting her… “IF EVER WE COME OUT HERE ALIVE, I SWEAR I’LL KILL YOU MYSELF, YOU RETARD!!”

“If we come out here alive, I’ll buy myself a kitten…” Kei uttered silently as the pain from the previous shock gave him a massive blow. Kei felt pain all over his body like being burned within his flesh into his inner muscles. Yet, a fake smile on his face didn’t leave with the aim of making Kim less worried.

What is the current population of Japan?

“Two… It’s just me and Kim…” Kei answered once again without even thinking. It was as if he was torturing himself.

“Inoo-chan! STOP THIS!” Ryosuke and the others shouted – trying to make the older one come up to his senses.


This time, a stronger and longer electric shock went through him.

“Kei Inoo… Let’s do this our usual way… OUR WAY!” a sudden aura lifted Kim up… “Don’t even think about me… Let’s do this fairly. I will enjoy torturing your stupid brain…” an evil grin plastered on Kim’s face as if losing all her sanity. Yet, this smile was clearly recognised by Kei – within seconds, Kei read his girlfriend’s mind. This smile of Kim only means one thing… KICK SOMEONE’S ASS. One thing they have in mind right now… ENJOY THIS GAME.

&hellip What is the mass of the sun?

“1.9891 × 1030 kilograms…” Kei answered, earning a grin from Kim before the girl felt a striking pain coming from her chair.


… What is Avogadro’s constant?

“6.0221415 × 1023 mol-1…” Kim uttered that soon enough made Kei suffer from an electric shock as well.


“What are they doing? Are they killing each other??” Daiki said, worried about the situation. It seems like the couple had completely lost their minds – competing for REAL.

“The last thing they want is the game master enjoying their mental torture… Kim-chan and Inoo-chan are simply enjoying this game as they like it to somehow annoy the stupid bastard who designed this…” Fai explained while watching the two exhausted people in front of her – still answering the questions as correctly as they can.

But then… an unusual question came…

efine the word ‘LOVE’…






Both of their voices echoed each other's like singing their favourite song - Kim shouted Kei’s name while Kei said hers. Yes! The couple said the names at the same time as their definition of the word ‘Love’ is EACH OTHER.

Within seconds, all the people in the room heard all the machines shutting down including the fuse box withholding the massive voltage of electricity controlled by the chair they’re sitting on. Kim and Kei just watched each other in amusement as the mysterious voice spoke again.

“Round one is finished… Proceed to Round Two…” the voice creped inside their ears before a door opened in the right hand side of the room.


Kei took time to process what’s going on but soon enough made him run to Kim and cupped her face gently… “We kicked someone’s butt…” he chuckled before kissing Kim’s forehead… then her nose… then finally her lips. Kim just smiled as she felt pain all around her body.

“I’m still smarter than you Inuu-chan!"


“That Game Master is gay!!” Yuya uttered as he helped Inoo carry the massive metal ball still attached to Kim’s leg. He then received a painful blow from Fai who literally just a few inches away from him (still chained)… “Is he cupid?? What was that last question all about?”

“Did you realise he can hear you?!” Amu said before passing the door to the next level of the game. It’s not long when a massive blinding light appeared before the group. Amu then held her clutch to the nearest person on her left – afraid about the next cunning plan of the GAME.

She then realised she’s holding Yuki’s arm - the arm of the one person that truly hates her. Amu then released the latter after seeing Yuki’s death glare upon her touch.

“Protecting nii-chan is my job… Amu-chan should stay out of the way…” Yuki uttered which was enough to make Amu shrink from her place.

“Yuki-chan!” Daiki scolded like a mother to his child… “If anyone needs protecting, it’s both of you… I would do that for you and Amu-chan, okay?” Yuki heard her brother say as he held both of their hands towards the room. Amu was about to say something to Yuki when all the people in the room heard another set of familiar voice that signalled the beginning of another round.

“Welcome to the next game…” the game master’s voice echoed inside the room. Just after his last word, all the lights inside the hallow chamber turned off – darkness was everywhere, not even a single thing could be seen.


“I can’t see anything… Minna! Is everyone okay?” Yabu’s voice was heard. The boy then grabbed anyone in reach and just held into them before feeling a soft sensation from someone.

“OUCH!! Yabu! Where do you think your hand is? YOU PERV…” Hanna’s voice was soon heard as she just wished she could strangle the boy.

“OI YUYA! Don’t even think about it… I can feel your hand, BAKA!!” Fai then spoke.

“Ah~ gomen Fai-chan… I think that’s me. I thought it was Kim…” Kei excused himself that was enough to make him earn a pinch from the girl literally beside him.


“Chotto Inoo! That’s my girlfriend you’re touching!!” Yuya protested despite his blindness. Still, he can’t do anything because the lights are still inhibiting them from doing anything rash. Fai then pinched the person next to her, knowing that it was Yuya. However, somebody else winced in pain.

“ITAI! Who pinched me?!” Ryosuke complained. He was about to investigate more when a sudden scream was heard out of nowhere.

After this, the lights opened…


“YUKI!!” Daiki’s eyes widened when he saw his own sister inside a small cage where only a piece of rope keeping her safe. The cage was literally attached to the ceiling of the room and everyone knows that only one cut of the rope, the cage will fall into a splatter.

“Round Two… One of you will go up the pipe and rescue the girl in the cage…” the mysterious voice was heard once again – explaining the mechanics of the game. All the people then looked at a massive drainage pipe leading towards the rope. The pipe has thin nails through it which could be used as a ladder to rescue Yuki… “The rope holding the cage is weak. In only 15 minutes, it will break off and the person in the cage will be shattered into pieces. The person playing this game should reach the lever holding the rope that may lower the cage down…”

“YOU BASTARD! GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER!!” Daiki nearly lost his senses after seeing Yuki’s facial expression full of fear. He was then felt the urge to barged into the pipe and quickly rescue the girl when the Game Master spoke again.

“The person playing this game is… Amu Kitagawa..."

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I was kinda hoping you won't see that!!! lalalalalalalalalalalalalala~ :P